* 1U 150W convection cooling with ATX
* Input Active PFC for Medical purpose
* Power Good / Power Fail signal
* +5V Stand by & Remote On/Off
* MTBF>130,000 hr. Mil-217F at 50°C
* Thermal protection

EJ-MOF150ATX 150W ATX Open Frame Power Supply Product Description:

The EJ-MOF150ATX 150W ATX Open Frame Power Supply is ideal for use within industrial grade medical equipment. This is because this power supply has been thoroughly tested and meets all the necessary requirements and certifications for industrial grade medical equipment.

Operating Temperature: -10°C~70°C(Derate linearly from 50°C by 2.5 % per °C)
Size: 198 (L) x 97 (W) x 40.5 (H) mm / 7.8(L) × 3.8(W) × 1.6(H) inch
Input: 90-264VAC


Cable : ATX connector, HDD connecter x 2, FDD connector x 1

DC Outputs

output1 +5V 14A
output2 +12V 10A
output3 -12V 1A
output4 +3.3V 12A
output5 +5Vsb 1.5A