• 1 x HDMI Type A display device output
  • 2 x HDMI or 4 x HDMI Type A source input
  • Dimensions (cm): 14.2(L) x 6.6(W) x 2.5(H)

EJ-BS020106 & EJ-BS040106 HDMI Switch – 2/4 Port Specification

The EJ-BS020106 & EJ-BS040106 HDMI Switch allows you to quickly and easily connect multiple HDMI devices to a single HDMI port on your High Definition display.

Function 2 Port HDMI Switch 4 Port HDMI Switch
Source Input 2 x HDMI Type A 4 x HDMI Type A
Display Device Output 1 x HDMI Type A
Select Method Push button, IR remote control
Video Bandwidth (bps) 2.25G single link
EDID emulation Yes
Single Link Range 1920x1080P / 60HZ / UXGA
Vertical Frequency Range 60 Hz
Max. Total Cable Length 20 meters
Power Supply DC 5V (optional)
Size Desktop
Weight (Kg) 1 1.1
Dimension (cm) 14.2(L)x6.6(W)x2.5(H)
*The specifications and pictures are subject to change without notice.