• 600W
  • High Efficiency 2U Redundant Power Supply
  • High Efficiency: 80% Typical at full load
  • Dimensions: 10.43″ x 3.98″ x 3.3″
  • Dimensions(mm): 265 x 101 x 84
  • Operation Temperature: 0°C to +45°C

2U Redundant 600W Power Supply R2A-600D1V2 Product Description

The 2U Redundant 600W Power Supply R2A-600D1V2 offers your servers and workstations zero down time with full power redundancy. Integrated with Active PFC, thermal control fans, hot swappable power modules, and load sharing functions, this 2U redundant series provides ultimate precision power and safety protection for data center and cloud computing environments. Due to its performance efficiency and high quality features, the R2A-600D1V2 would be the ideal choice for your mission critical system integrations.

AC Input
Input voltage: 100 ~ 240V (+-/10%) [ HOT-SWAP SOLUTION]
Frequency: 50/60Hz.
Power Factor Correction.

Thermal Protection
The power supply shall go into thermal protection as the case temperature exceeds 86ºC(±5ºC)limit.
The output shall recover only when the temperature becomes normal and AC power is turned on again

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 45 °C
Storage Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
Operating Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 20% to 90%, non-condensing

Safety & EMI/RFI
Safety Standards: TO MEET CUL UL, TUV
Withstand Voltage: I/P-O/P:1.5KVAC FOR 1 minute. I/P-FG:1.5KVAC For 1 minute
Isolation Resistance: I/P-O/P,I/P-FG,O/P-FG: 500VDC , 50M ohms min.


DC Output

Output Voltage +5V DC +12V DC +3.3V DC -12V DC +5VSB
Output Current(Max) 32A 49A 25A 1A 3.5A
Output Current(Min.) 1A 3A 1A 0A 0.1A
Ripple/Noise Max.(P-P): 50mv 70mv 50mv 70mv 50mV
Line Regulation: ±1﹪ ±1﹪ ±1﹪ ±1﹪ ±1﹪
Load Regulation: ±5﹪ ±5﹪ ±5﹪ ±5﹪ ±5﹪
20 + 4 pin
2+4 Pin P4 MB Peripheral FDD 8-Pin SATA 6-Pin
X 1 X 1 X 9 X 1 X 1 X 4 X 1