• External PCIe 3.0 x8 (Low profile compatible)
  • Data transfer rate up to 64Gbps
  • Up to 16 disks(For 2.5 or 3.5 inch SSD/HDD & sold separately)
  • 500W Single PSU
  • Aluminum housing with solid metal structure

The Fastest Desktop Storage with Maximum Performance Ever

Following the long-term popular product line of Netstor external PCI-E to SAS/SATA storage solution, now the whole new third generation has freshly been released to the market. As compared with the modern SFF-8644 port that presents the four 12Gbps channels,

the latest external PCI-E 3.0 ×8 interface of the storage is 33% more bandwidth than the present-day 12Gbps mini-SAS HD port.

64Gbps Ultra High Bandwidth – PCIe Gen3 x8

An ultra fast, external PCIe 3.0 ×8 interface 64 Gbps has been thoughtfully designed for the Netstor desktop storage enclosure.

The design allow the unit to be kept at the highest, full performance and achievements of up to 6400 MB per second.

Up to 16 Bays Large Storage Capacity

Created desktop 16-bay storage chassis with support of sixteen hot-swappable drive trays inside.

NS780S-G3 supports the most space utilization efficiency characteristic, featuring the utmost high-density trait.

As each tray attached with a 16 TB HDD, total usable storage can reach up to 256 TB raw capacity in favor of any demanding work and application.

Broad Range of RAID Card Support

Based on the application and requirement, users can choose their own desired brand and model of RAID card or SAS Host Bus Adapter (HBA).

By utilizing a sixteen port RAID controller card, the Netstor desktop JBOD immediately turns into an enterprise RAID storage with RAID level protection.

RAID levels include 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, and 60 for the secured stored data and files.

Designed for Mac Pro 2019

The all-new desktop Mac Pro 2019 freshly debuts with multiple high-speed PCI Express 3.0 slots internally first ever appeared at the tower Mac Pro series.

The design is deal for the expansion to the external Netstor desktop high-capacity PCIe 3.0 storage.

The way of next-level and blazing-fast data transmission rate in favor of the varied demanding workflows in all fields.

Superior Airflow Ventilation Framework with Ultra Quiet Trait

NS780s was built with two front and two rear 12×12 cm cooling fans.

The well-devised airflow ventilation architecture ensures an ultra low noise level.

Capacity, Ultra Performance, and High Security Made for 8K Colorists

NS780S-G3 is the first ever best storage created for the digital content creation, video editing, color-grading, post production and playback.

With two NS780S-G3 storage units HDDs connected to a Mac Pro 2019, it can achieve up to 5000 MB/s throughput to the host in support of the 8K video production performance for the pro colorists, video editors, and specialists.

Multi Platform Support

The Netstor 16-bay desktop storage supports all kinds of computer operating system platforms; furthermore, the storage itself simply doesn’t require a driver for operation and application. NS780S-G3 work with computers and servers running Windows/Linux and Mac Pro 2019 running macOS.


Which slot of Mac Pro 2019 is recommended to be installed with Host adapter card of NS780S-G3?

We recommend slot 6 or slot 7 as shown in the following:

mac pro 2019 recommended external pcie x8 slot

Mac Pro 2019 has eight PCIe x16* sized slots that accept many different types of PCIe cards:

  • Slot 1: up to x16 lanes (double-wide)
  • Slot 2: up to x8 lanes (double-wide)
  • Slot 3: up to x16 lanes (double-wide)
  • Slot 4: up to x16 lanes (double-wide)
  • Slot 5: up to x16 lanes (single-wide)
  • Slot 6: up to x8 lanes (single-wide)
  • Slot 7: up to x8 lanes (single-wide)
  • Slot 8: up to x4 lanes (half-length)

For more information about slot layout of Mac Pro 2019, please visit:

Regarding the NS 780 G3, what is the setup for achieving 6400 MB/sec please. Is a PCIe 3.0 raid controller card need to set it up as a RAID, along with Hard drives or SSD’s?

Please visit NS780S-G3’s site at:




Then click on the ‘Specs’ tab. At the bottom of the specification webpage, it has indicated it needs an ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card to be installed inside the NS780S-G3 storage enclosure, and then you can set up a RAID 5 or a RAID 6 volume over the HDDs/SSDs that are installed within the NS780S-G3 storage. 


Because one HDD (hard disk drive)’s max transfer speed is about 200 MB/s, if sixteen HDDs are in NS780S-G3 and are set up with a RAID 5 volume, the top data transfer speed of the RAID 5 volume will be up to 3000 MB/s between the NS780S-G3 and the host computer.


NS780S-G3’s host interface is PCIe 3.0 x8, so its top bandwidth is 64 Gbps (6400 MB/s)] between Netstor storage and the host computer. 

One 2.5” SSD’s max transfer speed is about 550 MB/s, so if sixteen 2.5” SSDs are in NS780S-G3 and are set up with a RAID 5 volume, the top data transfer speed of the RAID 5 volume will be up to NS780S-G3’s max bandwidth of 6400 MB/s between NS780S-G3 and host computer.

Is there a model like the NS780G3 but with lower capacity, fewer drive bays? Can partial bays used on NS780G3 to have the system work?

Yes, although the NS780S-G3 storage is designed to have 16 bays, users can decide on their own how many HDDs they wish to install in the NS780S-G3 for use and work.

For example, you can just install 10 hard disk drives in the NS780S-G3 storage enclosure and set the 10 hard drives in Netstor unit as a RAID 5 or a RAID 6 volume to work with the host computer.

Currently, when you visit the Netstor official site >> Products section >> Desktop, there’s only one NS780S-G3 model. But as visiting Netstor official site >> Products section >> Thunderbolt, although there is fewer drive bays storage, its interface is Thunderbolt 3.

What RAID controller card can be used in NS780S-G3 to create a Raid 6 or 5 volume?

Areca ARC-1883ix-16, internal 16 port SAS/SATA RAID Adapter, Dual Core RAID-on-Chip 1.2GHz processor, Supports RAID level 0, 1, 10(1E), 3, 5, 6, 30, 50, 60, Single Disk or JBOD


HighPoint SSD7110 PCI-Express 3.0 x16 3 x dedicated M.2 Ports & 4 x SFF-8643 SAS / SATA ports to PCIe 3.0 x16 RAID Controller

Can Samsung 4TB 860 EVO SATA III 2.5" Internal SSD be use on NS780S-G3?

Because drive compatibility is directly determined by the RAID card itself, not the enclosure.

The attached PDF is the latest SSD compatibility list for ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card obtained from Areca’s official website. On page 2 and page 3 of the attached PDF, it has listed ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card’s compatible Samsung SSDs. Although among the list, we couldn’t see the Samsung 4TB 860 EVO is listed, you could send the e-mail to Areca’s support team at support@areca.com.tw to double-check with Areca team if Samsung 4TB 860 EVO SSD is supported by ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card.

Or you can use the suggested SSDs listed in the attached PDF; the recommended SSDs in the attached PDF file are all guaranteed to work with the ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card.

What SSD is campatibile with ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card?

For getting the drive compatibility list for ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card, please visit:




Select ‘SAS/SATA RAID’ adapter for Component type, ‘ARC-1883 series’ for Model name, and ‘Compatibility’ for Item Type.


And then you will get two PDF files. One is the PDF for HDD compatibility list for ARC-1883ix-16; the other is the PDF for SSD compatibility list for ARC-1883ix-16 card.

Can Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS 16TB SATA work on NS780-G3? What controller card is recommended?

NS780S-G3 recommends the use of ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card as can see from NS780S-G3’s official webpage >> Specs tab >> bottom part of the Specs webpage.


NS780S-G3 itself is a storage enclosure; regarding what HDDs can work with the storage enclosure, it depends on the RAID controller card. Since the NS780S-G3 will utilize the ARC-1883ix-16 RAID controller card, then for the HDD compatibility, we will need to check the HDD compatibility list released by the Areca Technology Corporation.


Therefore, please go to:




Select SAS/SATA RAID adapters for ‘Component Type’, select ARC-1883 series for ‘Model name’, and select Compatibility for ‘Item Type’. Then download the latest HDD compatibility list PDF (2019/12/31) for the ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card.


The model number of Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS 16TB SATA hard drive is: ST16000NE000 which is not listed on the compatibility list for ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card. So at the present we cannot confirm if Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS 16TB SATA HDD (ST16000NE000) can work with ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card.


Here is to let you know provided that the ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card does not support ST16000NE000 hard drive, then even if the ST16000NE000 hard drives are installed in NS780S-G3 with ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card, then eventually the ST16000NE000 HDDs will not work with NS780S-G3 with ARC-1883ix-16 because the ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card does not support the hard drive model of ST16000NE000.


Since the ST16000NE000 drive is not listed in the Areca’s HDD compatibility PDF, please ask the customer to contact Areca Technology Corporation’s Support team at their e-mail address at support@areca.com.tw

The Areca’s support team will tell him whether the ST16000NE000 drive can work with ARC-1883ix-16 RAID card or not.

Can any Netstor’s Expansion chassis support both 1 PCI card and 1 PCIe x1 card? Or any suggestion?

None of Netstor’s expansion chassis supports conventional PCI slot.


All of Netstor’s expansion products have adopted PCIe (PCI Express) slots many years ago, so it’s not impossible to have a Netstor expansion chassis that supports both one PCI card and one PCIe ×1 card.


Provided that the client just needs to use one PCIe ×1 card, depending on his application, he can decide to use any of the following Netstor PCIe expansion chassis products to work with his host computer:





[for the TurboBox Pro and the TurboBox Rac series, since they have four PCIe slots inside, it’s better to utilize multiple third-party PCIe cards and one PCIe ×1 card in favor of the best cost-effective solution]






[provided the user wants to use Thunderbolt 3 port connection to his host computer with TB3 port]