• Transforms any internal half-height LTO tape drive to Thunderbolt 3
  • Can support up to dual LTO tape drives, if needed
  • Easy self-installation
  • Has ultra high bandwidth up to 40Gbps for the fastest ever data storage access
  • Can achieve highest data transfer rate up to 2750 MB/s
  • Built with an internal 300W PSU
  • Includes one extra external mini-SAS port at rear of the LTO storage

Internal Half-Height LTO Drive for Desktop Thunderbolt 3

The NS722TB3 desktop storage enclosure can transform any internal half-height LTO tape drive to Thunderbolt™ 3, and the Netstor unit has also been considerately created with two SFF-8482 connectors inside to support up to dual LTO tape drives in favor of application. Additionally, newest LTO drives such as LTO-8, LTO-7, and LTO-6 from Quantum, HP, Dell, and IBM are all supported to work with the Netstor LTO desktop enclosure.


Note: LTO tape drive is optional.

The Best LTO Archiving Data Backup Solution for macOS/Windows Thunderbolt 3 Laptop

Without the need to add an HBA card in the host computer in order to connect with the LTO drive device, now users can simply connect NS722TB3 storage to any Thunderbolt™ 3 macOS/Windows laptop, or all-in-one such as iMac to make LTO archiving available to the Thunderbolt™ 3 host.

Simple Installation, Flexible Application

Self-installing of LTO tape drive in NS722TB3 is really easy. User only needs to connect one SFF-8482 cable that already includes data signal and power transmission to rear of LTO tape drive to simply complete the installation within Netstor unit. Additionally, according to user’s need, whenever more archiving is needed, a second LTO tape drive can always be added in Netstor at anytime for adding more data storage; mixture of different generation LTO-8, LTO-7, and LTO-6 tape drives is feasible in the desktop NS722TB3 as well.

The Extreme Thunderbolt 3 Interface Bandwidth

Netstor NS722TB3 is designed to have ultra high bandwidth up to 40Gbps for the fastest ever data storage access. Created compact desktop dual-bay 5.25” LTO drive storage chassis, via enclosure’s blazing-fast Thunderbolt™ 3 interface, the massive archiving storage is assured to achieve highest data transfer rate up to 2750 MB/s.

Internal Built-in PSU and Finest Airflow Ventilation Ever

Built with an internal 300W PSU and created with a high-efficiency, ultra quiet rear cooling fan, the well designed ventilation architecture truly allows the inside mild air to be smoothly ventilated out of the desktop enclosure, matching the reality NS722TB3 having the finest desktop LTO enclosure airflow ventilation ever.

Providing Extra mini-SAS Port to Workstation

Besides installing LTO tape drives within the desktop NS722TB3 enclosure, Netstor team has thoughtfully designed one extra external mini-SAS port at rear of the LTO storage, being able to add an additional mini-SAS port to your Thunderbolt™ 3 laptop/workstation to allow you to attach freely an extra LTO, external JBOD or RAID storage in support of usage.


Do I need to add both LTO drives at the same time?

You can just add the LTO drive to NS722TB3 one by one when you need; can even add different generation of LTO-7 or LTO-8, or different brand of LTO drive with the SFF-8482 interface.

Is NS722TB3 compatible with YoYotta LTFS software?

Yes, Netstor NS372TB3(NS722TB3) has been tested and approved with the Yoyotta LTFS software.


How to update Thunderbolt driver for host computer's Windows 10?

The situation is only related to host computer’s Windows 10 O.S. and the Thunderbolt driver. When the host computer’s Windows 10 operating system is updated to the newest version, the user will also need to check and get the latest, corresponding Thunderbolt driver to be installed on the Windows 10 in support of work.

Here is how to check the Thunderbolt driver version on your Windows 10:

  1. Right click on the Thunderbolt icon located at bottom right of Windows 10’s desktop.
    thunderbolt 3 driver for windows 10
  2. And then select ‘About’.
    thunderbolt 3 driver for windows 10
  3. At this time, a window will pop up showing the current version of the Thunderbolt driver.
    thunderbolt 3 driver for windows 10

Below is the relationship between Win10 OS version and Thunderbolt driver version:

O.S. version Thunderbolt driver version to be used
Windows 10 version 1909 v1‎
Windows 10 version 2004 v1‎.41.890.0


To check the newest Thunderbolt driver, please visit manufacturer’s website of your Windows PC/laptop; at its drivers’ download section, you will find the new, corresponding Thunderbolt driver in support of the latest Windows 10 version.

Here is the site for Thunderbolt driver downloading for example: