• Designed with two SFF-8482 connectors to support up to dual LTO tape drives
  • Easy setup installation for any setup
  • 40 Gbps high bandwidth for fastest data storage access
  • Internal PSU & best ventilation for 1U rackmount form factor
  • Supports an extra mini-SAS port to your host computer
  • Note: LTO tape drive is optional

Enable Internal Half-Height LTO Drive to Thunderbolt 3

The NS372TB3 1U Rackmountable 2-bay LTO Tape Drive to Thunderbolt™ 3 Enclosure transforms any internal half-height LTO tape drive to Thunderbolt 3. The NS372TB3 has been thoughtfully designed with two SFF-8482 connectors inside to support up to dual LTO tape drives; latest LTO drives such as LTO-8, LTO-7, and LTO-6 from Quantum, HP, Dell, and IBM are all supported to work with the Netstor 1U enclosure.

Make LTO Archiving Data Backup via macOS/Windows Thunderbolt Laptop Possible

Without the chance for adding an HBA card in the host computer to connect with the LTO drive device, now users can just connect NS372TB3 storage to any Thunderbolt macOS/Windows laptop or all-in-one like iMac Pro to make LTO archiving available to the Thunderbolt host.

Extremely Easy Installation

The NS372TB3 storage revolutionizes LTO, empowering users to easily connect LTO-8 technology to Thunderbolt 3 computers. Setup is extraordinarily simple; LTO is made easy: just connect to a Thunderbolt 3 host computer, and everything is done and complete.

The Ultimate Thunderbolt 3 Interface & Throughput

Netstor NS372TB3 is created to have greatly high bandwidth up to 40 Gbps for the fastest data storage access. Designed 1U dual-bay 5.25” LTO drive storage chassis, via enclosure’s lightning-fast Thunderbolt™ 3 interface, the ultra large archiving storage is ensured to have high data transfer rate up to 2750 MB/s.

Internal PSU & Best Ventilation for 1U Rackmount Form Factor

Built with an internal server-grade 250W PSU and created with two rear hot-swappable blower fans, the well designed ventilation architecture does genuinely allow the inside mild air to be smoothly ventilated out of the enclosure, matching the reality NS372TB3 having the best 1U enclosure airflow ventilation ever.


Provides Extra mini-SAS Port to your Host Computer

In addition to add LTO tape drives to your 1U enclosure, Netstor team has considerately created one extra external mini-SAS SFF-8088 port at rear of the storage; this adds an additional mini-SAS port to your Thunderbolt 3 laptop/host computer for you to attach freely an extra LTO, external JBOD or RAID storage in support of usage.