• EOL (End-of-life)
  • Supports SATA (3Gbps)
  • Aluminum housing, anodized surface, benefits for cooling and durability
  • Port Multiplier for ten(10) removable SATA drive trays
  • Built-in fans for self-contained ventilation
  • Individual key lock of each HDD tray for physical security
  • LED indicators for power and activity on each HDD tray
  • Environmental Monitoring with Power/FAN/TEMP LEDs and mutable buzzer alarm.

NA770A 10-bay eSATA Port Multiplier Enclosure Tower Product Description

Host Interface Two eSATA connectors
HDD Interface SATA I/II
Data Transfer Rate SATA 1.5/3 Gbps
No. of Disk(s) Up to 10
LED Display White – Power on indicator
Blue – Busy (HDD Accessing) indicator
LED Display for Environmental Monitoring POWER on LED – white
FAN normal – green; fail – red (too slow rpm or stop)
TEMP normal – green; over 55°C – red
Material Anodized Aluminum with Mirror Acrylic plastic front panel & Plastic tray face
Dimension (D):23.15cm (W):15.68cm (H):36.5cm
Power Supply 300W (High reliability of IPC form-factor)
Input: 90 – 230 VAC 50- 60 Hz
Output: +5V and +12V DC
Cooling Four 60 x 60 x 15 mm Cooling Fan
System Requirement SiI3132 PCI-Express/ExpressCard or SiI3124 PCI-X or any Host Bus Adapter mentioned with Port Multiplier Function
O.S. support OS Independent

Netstor’s NA770A is a ten bay hot-swappable SATA Port Multiplier enclosure. It’s built-in Silcon Image’s Sil3726 with Port Muiltiplier function and it provides most easy connectivity with host in only two eSATA cables for 10 drives. The NA770A also provides a high quality, IPC-grade universal power supply with a quiet cooling fan and features the direct backplane design with no internal cabling for the best performance.

Enclosure x 1
HDD Tray x 10
eSATA Cable x 2
Power Cord x 1
Manual CD-ROM x1
Hard Disk Drive mounting screw x 40
Key for HDD tray x 2