• External 3U-16 bay Rackmount Chassis
  • External PCI-e (PCI-Express) x8 Host Interface
  • Supports SAS/SATA (3Gbps)
  • Up to Sixteen Removable SAS/SATA Drive Trays
  • Optinal Dual Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
  • LED Indicators for Power and Activity on each HDD Tray
  • Environmental Monitoring with FAN/TEMP LEDs and mutable buzzer alarm

NA332A 3U 16 Bay PCIe to SAS/SATA JBOD Chassis Product Description

Host Interface External PCI-Express x8
HDD Interface SAS/SATA
Data Transfer Rate Up to 20Gbps
LED Display(Tray) White – Power on indicator Blue – Busy (HDD Accessing) indicator
LED Display for Environmental Monitoring FAN normal – Green; fail – Red (too slow rpm or stop) TEMP normal – Green; over 55°C – Red
Dimension (W):48.2 cm (H):13.1 cm (D): 55.9 cm
Material Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel
Power Supply 400W Single or 400W mini-Redundant Input: 90 – 230 VAC 50- 60 Hz Output: +5V and +12V DC
Cooling Two 75 x 75 x 28 mm Hot-Swappable Blowers
O.S. support OS Independent (OS will be provided from the PCI-e Raid Control card manufacturer)

With the innovative External PCI-e architecture, NA332A is designed to allow you plugging any standard or your favorite SAS or SATA PCI-e Raid control Card (HBA) directly into its internal PCI-e slot and use its high speed external PCI-Express x8(20Gbps) as the host connectivity. Moreover, it provides the maximum drives capacity with highest performance, fewer and lower-cost components. The substantial PCI-e cable connection also gives system operations the high reliability. Host Requirement and Cable length available

  • Apple Mac Pro or PC workstation with one available PCI-e x8 slot
  • External PCI-e cable available length – up to 7 Meter

NA332A   Validated SAS/SATA HBA

NA332A Adaptec RAID 51645 NA332A 9650SE-16ML
NA332A Adaptec RAID 31605 NA332A MegaRAID SAS84016
NA332A ARC-1261ML NA332A RocketRAID 3540
NA332A ARC-1680ix-16 NA332A EX16350
  • Enclosure x 1
  • HDD Tray x 16 PCI-e x8
  • Host Adapter with standard and low profile host bracket x 1
  • PCI-e x8 cable (1.5 meter) x 1
  • Internal miniSAS(SFF8087) to miniSAS(SFF8087), 30cm x4
  • Power Cord x1
  • Hard Disk Drive mounting screw x 64
  • Key for HDD tray x 2

Our system only supports PCIe-x4 speed on our host system's PCIe-x8 slot and I need a replacement for the NA332A. Is there any alternative for the NA332A?

We are currently upgrading all of our PCIe 2.0 expansion chassis to PCIe 3.0. Unfortunately, the NA332A is no longer supported. An alternative to this is the updated, NA333A system. Both the NA333A and NA332A’s host adapters come with a PCIe x8 speed. If your host computer only supports PCIe x4 speed on a PCIe x8 slot, as long as the host adapter card can fit the PCIe x8 slot in your system, it should work fine (just at reduced bandwidth).