• EOL (End-of-life)
  • Stylish desktop 16 bay storage enclosure
  • Host interface up to 40Gbps bandwidth
  • Backplane design for up to sixteen(16) 2.5″ or 3.5″ SAS/SATA 6G/3G bps drives
  • Environmental monitoring for FAN failure and over temperature
  • LED indicators for HDD power,activity and failure
  • Best enclosure ventilation with ultra-quiet design for noise-sensitive environments

JBOD Chassis Desktop 16 bay PCI-E NS780S Express to SAS/SATA Product Description

Host Interface External PCI-Express 2.0 x8
HDD Interface SAS/SATA 3.0/6.0 Gbps
Data Transfer Rate Up to 40Gbps
RAID Level Requiring a standard PCIe 3Gb/s or 6Gb/s RAID card supporting internal 16 port
LED for HDD Blue – Busy (HDD Accessing) indicator
Red – HDD failure
LED Display for Enclosure 1. Global HDD LED
Flash Blue – HDD access; Red – HDD failure;
Flash Purple – HDD reduilding
Green – TEMP normal; Red -over 50°C
Green – FAN normal; Red – FAN failure
LED Display White – Power on indicator
Blue – Busy (HDD Accessing) indicator
Material Aluminum housing with solid metal structure
Power Supply 400W IPC-grades
Input: 90 – 230 VAC 50- 60 Hz
Output: +5V and +12V DC
Cooling Front: Two 120x120x25 mm cooling fans
Rear: Two 120x120x25 mm cooling fans
Alarm Buzzer beeping for fan failure or over temperature (over 50°C) occurs
Dimension 450 (D) x 175.8 (W) x 374 (H) mm
17.7 (D) x 6.9 (W) x 14.7 (H) inch
O.S. support OS Independent (OS will be provided from the PCIe RAID control card manufacturer)
Host Requirement One PCIe 2.0 x8 / x16 slot
Operating Temperature 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Relative Humidity 20 to 80% (non-condensing)


With the PCI Express 2.0 ×8 interface and the flexible SAS/SATA backplane solution compatible with SAS/SATA 6G/3Gbps HDDs, the stylish Netstor’s external 16-bay desktop storage NS780S features easy installation and up to 40Gbps fast data transfer rate experiences. Designed ultra-quiet, the hard drives inside NS780S can still be kept cooling. The real-time environmental monitoring with the front fan, TEMP, global HDD LEDs and the built-in buzzer alarm always allows users to know the status of the environment. In addition, the host RAID HBA incorporated inside the NS780S enables the 16-bay storage to provide RAID protection with the highest performance.

Fully Applies to Video Editing Environments
Through the fast data transfer rate and the RAID-level data protection given by NS780S, the 16-bay desktop storage can achieve 1648 MB/s read and 1578 MB/s write speeds1, absolutely meeting the modern demands of high-definition video editing in uncompressed 4K (4096×2160), 2K (2048×1556), HD (1920×1080), and 3D animation. As NS780S is populated with the 3TB HDDs, the storage can be up to 48TB in total raw capacity that saves up to 11 hours of uncompressed 10-bit 4K video, and can easily handle the uncompressed 4K, 2K, 10-bit 1080 4:4:4 HD, ProRes 422, uncompressed 8-bit 1080 HD, DV, HDV, and DVCPRO video with the high-speed data transfer rate.

1. The performance data is tested with AJA System Test 6.0.1 under the following conditions: Areca ARC-1882-ix-16 dual-core RAID card and sixteen SATA 6Gbps HDDs with RAID 5. The result of the performance varies according to the different RAID cards and hard drives employed.

Host Requirement and Cable length available

  • Apple Mac Pro or PC workstation with one available PCIe 2.0 x8/x16 slot
  • External PCI-e cable available length – up to 5 Meter

Validated SAS/SATA HBA

NS780S  Adaptec RAID 51645 NS780S 3ware SAS 9750-16i4e
NS780S Adaptec RAID 31605 NS780S MegaRAID SAS9280-16i4e
MegaRAID SAS 9260-16i
NS780S ARC-1882ix-16 NS780S logo5 RocketRAID 3540

Enclosure x 1
HDD Tray x 16
PCIe 2.0 x8 Host Adapter with standard and low profile host bracket x 1
PCIe x8 cable (1.5 meter) x 1
Internal miniSAS(SFF8087) to miniSAS(SFF8087) x 4
Power Cord x 1
Hard Disk Drive mounting screw x 64