> Good air ventilation
> Can be increased to a total 8 fans
> All doors designed with a spring latch- easy to remove and tool-less
> Water and dust resist from the top
> Easy assembly

11U Server Cabinet 35.5″ Deep EJ-RC11U-L9, 23.6″(w) x 35.5″(d) x 30″(h)

The 11U Server Cabinet 35.5″ Deep EJ-RC11U-L9 is built with high-quality steel structures. With vented doors and cooling fans, this cabinet provides excellent air circulation for servers and other devices. It is completely lockable from the front/ rear doors and side panels to prevent unauthorized access. This stylish and secure 11U Server Cabinet 35.5″ Deep also protects your investment in computer equipment against environmental elements, such as heat and dust. Integrated with all these features, this server rack cabinet offers a superior environment to house your mission-critical equipment.

> Overall Width:23.6″; Depth: 31.5″; Height: 30″
> Interior Width: 19″ hole to hole; 18.25″ center
> Entrance: 17 5/8″ right rail to left rail
> Depth of front railing to rear door: Self-tapping type = 32.25″; Square type = 32.75″
> Useable height: 19.75″
> Max. length of sliding rail’s brackets: Self-tapping = 27.75″; Square type = 29 5/8″”

> Die-cast heavy duty aluminum post frame
> Plexiglass front door W/lock
> Heavy duty sheet metal side and rear doors W/lock
> Top and bottom panels W/cable access hole
> Full size mounting strips front and rear
> 3 of 12cm fans (115CFM each) on top
> 4 heavy duty wheels
> 4 leveling feet
> 50 pcs M6 bolt screws W/washer
> Grounding wires

Cabinet frame of extrude aluminum sections front and clear door, side panels, top, bottom plates and plinth of sheet metal